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Join us on Teamspeak!
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25th Jan 2015

Hello guys,

Just passing on our Teamspeak IP address for you all to join and meet new folks.
Currently no password is set on our server; however, if there are too many people braking the rules, a password will need to be put on the server and will only be given to a player by a server admin.


  1. No offensive / abusive language is to be aimed at another member of the clan.
  2. No excessive cussing.
  3. No racist / sexist comments are to be made against another member of the clan.
  4. Don't be homophobic.
  5. Use push-to-talk or voice detection (NO CONTINUOUS MIC)
  6. Don't talk about cancer.
  7. Speak in English if in the presence of players from another country to you are online.
  8. Use the correct channel for the game you are playing (Don't hang around in the lobby).
  9. Be respectful to all players (including the trial members).
  10. Listen to admins and respect their decision as it is final.

Please enjoy your stay!

Admin @ League of Cabal

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Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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